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3:30pm – 6:00pm PT

Addressing Bias: Teaching Every Body

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Addressing Bias: Teaching Every Body

All of us bring judgement, biases, aesthetic preferences and beliefs to our teaching. Sometimes they serve us well, other times they get in the way of honestly seeing the person in front of us, their humanity, and their true potential. In this workshop, Tonya Amos and Nora St. John will take you on a journey to uncover some of your biases and how they are or are not serving your clients. In the process we will explore how certain body types are given value as an “ideal Pilates body” while others are often dismissed and how you can widen your understanding of the beautiful variety of the human body to provide a safer, more welcoming environment, and more effective teaching for all your clients.

Tonya AmosNCPT, BBMI

Nora St John, MS, NCPT, BBMI